Meet our Mooncake Mastermind

Sam Baking High brings you their exclusive Chinese Mooncake 

It was only 10 years ago that Sam made the big step to travel across the globe and relocate to Australia.  Eager to start a new life for himself, he immediately enrolled into a hospitality course to secure residency here in Melbourne. While many chefs discover their passion for cooking at a young age learning in the family home, it was only when pursuing this culinary adventure that Sam realised he had a strong interest in baking.

Sam continued to develop his pastry skills and build a career as a pastry chef in regional Victoria. Speaking about his time during this period, Sam explains: “living out of the city had a big influence on my baking style, I was able to use my newly profound skills and combine Chinese pastry with the local Australian taste”.

Fast forward to today, Sam has established a very successful career, starting his own business, Sam Baking High, in 2017 and gradually transforming it into a well renowned Melbourne patisserie with retailers such as Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent requesting customised cakes and desserts for their own top clients. Not only does Sam enjoy experimenting and creating decadent desserts, he also loves sharing his passion with others, and offers baking classes to anyone who would like to know the secrets behind mastering the art of pastry making.



















With the Full Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) just around the corner, Sam is getting ready to prepare his annual batch of sweet and elegant Chinese Mooncakes. Being one of the most iconic elements of the festival, the Mooncake symbolises family reunion and well wishes and is often gifted to loved ones during the festival. Red bean paste is used to make up the base of the delicate dessert with a golden egg yolk placed in the centre, giving the pastry a unique texture and flavour. While Sam uses the basic traditional ingredients, he creates a more contemporary and elegant structure for his Mooncake that he says incorporates Australian pastry elements, making it more appealing to the local community. He enjoys the perfect combination of sweet and savoury flavours that is not always easy to create when it comes to desserts.




















Sam usually only prepares his Chinese Mooncakes for his friends and family, but this year he is making an exception and exclusively preparing his Mooncakes for Foodifox customers! With every $138 Full Moon Crab Feast comes 2 luscious Mooncakes, so get in quick and place an order today for delivery on Thursday the 1st of October!

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